Hull historian opposes plans for James Reckitt Library

Published: Thursday 2nd April 2015 by KCFM

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Hull City Council say they’ve had interest from a developer wanting to turn the Victorian building into flats.

A Hull historian’s spoken out against plans to sell off the James Reckitt Library in east Hull.

He’s opposing plans for the library to be changes into brand new flats for the area.

Historian Mike Covell says if the Council sell the Library, they’d be giving away a key part of Hull‘s heritage:

“What you’ve got here, is the first public library in Hull. Now, as the City of Culture, you’d think that would be a brilliant marketing point. To open it up as flats, future generations aren’t going to see that. They’re not going to get to experience the interior.”

He says the building’s an important part of the city’s heritage and it’s not the Council’s to give away:

“What James Reckitt did was he set up this free library for everybody to use, he put all the money behind it, and gifted it to the City of Hull. That’s where the first problem lies. This library belongs to the people of Hull. It doesn’t belong to any one entity.”

Mike says the authorities need to recognise the Library’s importance to the city’s heritage and it could be used as a hub for 2017:

“Why not open it up as a location where people can go learn about Hull’s culture, go learn about Hull’s history. Open it up to youth groups, open it up to historical societies and so on. You know, why turn it into flats?”

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Published: Thursday 2nd April 2015 by KCFM

Comments (1)
  • M. Harrison

    Another example of the council abdicating its role as custodian – not owner – of an asset. Whenever I hear, or read, about a deal involving public assets and private companies, I detect a hint, a whiff, of corruption, in the air. I could be wrong but my experience has been to be more often right than wrong. Of course, my personal concept of corruption might differ from yours.

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