Hull in line for electrification boost

Published: Friday 6th March 2015 by The News Editor

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The Selby-to-Hull rail route is at the front of the queue for the Government’s new electrification programme.

The line is among 12 recommended as “Tier One” priority routes in a new train investment report by cross-party MPs.

Electrification would help to ease overcrowding in peak periods between the North Yorkshire town and Hull. The new electric trains would also be faster than their current diesel equivalents.

This would mean shorter trip times for passengers from Selby to Hull if the work got the final go-ahead from Network Rail. It is hoped that work on the routes will start between 2019 and 2024.

The Liverpool-Warrington Central-Manchester and Calder Valley lines are also among the 12.

Many other northern routes are currently being electrified, including Manchester-Blackpool via Bolton and Preston and Liverpool-Wigan.

The MPs looked at 32 non-electrified lines, which were put into three groups in order of priority.

Patrick McLoughlin, the Transport Secretary, said the new study will have a big influence on the Government’s rail agenda from 2019 onwards.

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Published: Friday 6th March 2015 by The News Editor

Comments (2)
  • Makes you think does it not, Hull will get it’s electrification between 2019 and 2024.
    Now do you think it would take all of that time if the link was including London.
    Yes we all know that it is the financial centre of the UK. but if the money for such projects was spread out in a fairer way places like Hull would also be more prosperous.
    Hull has so many difficulties to contend with yet it’s people and its business fraternity still works tirelessly to try to create jobs, improve its fortunes and boost the morale of its citizens.
    Our roads need repairs, our transport infrastructure is much less than second class and our local government struggles to cope witt massive cuts to its budget.
    With absolutely no help from central government whatsoever!

  • JB

    Of course, London is opening the Crossrail link which will cost somewhere near £15bn to construct. Arguably it is a much needed resource for mass-passenger transportation in the capital City, arguably though, how much of that cash could have been used to fund the electrification / upgrade of the East Coast mainline? Nationalised East Coast trains made the Government a stack of cash, the profits of which, has undoubtedly been invested in other regions, like the Crossrail project. Another issue affecting the new rolling stock is that it is to be manufactured by Hitachi and the first test units have only just reached the U.K.; these trains can achieve 140 m.p.h. but will be restricted according to existing line speeds because they do not have tilt-technology incorporated, the exclusion of which, is to accommodate a greater passenger numbers. It’s quite possible that either some train or platform modifications will be necessary before the new Hitachi units can be fully introduced into service or reach maximum potential.

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