Hull Lib Dem Councillors opposing Labour plans

Published: Thursday 19th March 2015 by KCFM

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Lib Dem Councillors in Hull want the Council to scrap plans for a proposed new swimming pool and ice rink in the city.

The Labour group want to spend 200 thousand pounds on a feasibility study into building the facility on Bond Street.

Lib Dem Councillor Claire Thomas says that money should be going towards front-line services:

“You can’t blame the Government for spending cuts when you then waste money. The amount that’s been spent on consultants, but we’ve also seen the Council spend money on new silver cabinets, on refurbishing a room for Peter Mandelson. You can’t blame the Government for cuts when you’re wasting money. They have the responsibility.”

Councillor Thomas says she’s got this message for Council bosses:

“Let’s cancel this money that’s been allocated for consultants right now and let’s be realistic and concentrate on making sure that we keep libraries open, we get the potholes fixed, we clean the streets and do those things that people expect the Council to be doing well, right now.”

She says the Council’s spent too much on failed consultations, such as HMS Illustrious, already:

“The money that the Labour administration are spending, they’re spending it on consultants, they’re not spending it on jobs, on frontline services. It’s important to do some good things, but there is a limit. £1.6 million on consultants. That’s too much.”

But Labour Councillor Stephen Bayes says spending money on consultants is the responsible thing to do ahead of any bigger investment:

“The Lib Dems are right in one respect. The Government has made massive cuts to local Government and so we’ve got to be careful about where we spend a limited resource. So spending money to make sure that we spend that money in the right place is sensible I think.”

He says the council has to spend money to make sure the city doesn’t decline:

“One of the things that we set about doing when we came into office was to make the city more vibrant and draw more people in. We won’t accept a decline of the city and in fact, one of the things that’s sad is that, when the Lib Dems were in charge there was plenty of money around, they just didn’t take those decisions.”

The Lib Dems say the money shouldn’t be spent because the project isn’t yet funded, but Councillor Stephen Bayes says it’s entirely necessary:

“Until you understand what the ramifications of building something are and what the ground conditions are and where it could go, you can’t allocate money. You get people in or experts in the field to say, ‘well yes this will work’, or ‘no we don’t think it would’.”

A full council meeting is due to take place today, to discuss the possibility of the proposed plans.

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Published: Thursday 19th March 2015 by KCFM

Comments (2)
  • notlad01

    Don’t we already have a Hull Ice Areana and was it last year that several Hull swimming pools were theatened with closure? It beggars belief that this coucil want to spend our ‘money’ on consultants to find out what is obvious to most people. Maybe they might consider employing the same consultants on how to run Hull City Council Services more efficiently.

  • Gerri Scargill

    The money should be spent on making sure the pools etc, we already have are kept open and up to scratch.

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