Hull man ‘Gassy’ Jack’s letter could be worth £350

Published: Friday 29th January 2016 by The News Editor

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A rare letter from a Hull-born man who went on to become one of the first settlers in Vancouver is going up for auction.

Jack Deighton, nicknamed ‘Gassy’, emigrated to the US in the 1805s and founded the Gastown area of what is the modern-day city of Vancouver.

All Nations Coins and Stamp’s Brian Grant Duff told Vancouver Sun reporters: “I’m going to estimate it at $500 (around £350) and let the market decide.”

Gastown was named after sailor Deighton, who came to the US hoping to strike in rich in the Gold Rush of California.

He eventually became one of Vancouver’s first settlers, opening a bar called the Globe Saloon. The Gastown area was named after him. Deighton’s statue can still be seen there today.

Deighton’s signed letter was written in 1875, the year of his death. The letter is incredibly rare as the Vancouver Archives currently only has one ‘Gassy’ Jack’s signature.

It has been part of some rare Vancouver-related documents originally gathered by the late renowned collector Gerald Wellburn. Wellburn auctioned off his collection for $1 million in 1988, but held onto some items.

Grant Duff’s sale is being staged on Saturday, March 12.

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Published: Friday 29th January 2016 by The News Editor

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