Hull MP Diana Johnson criticises plans to scrap student grants

Published: Wednesday 20th January 2016 by KCFM

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Hull North MP Diana Johnson has criticised the Government’s plans to scrap student maintenance grants.

From this autumn, means-tested grants are to be switched to loans repayable after graduation.

Ms Johnson voted against scrapping the grants, which are worth up to £3,387 per year for university students from poorer families.

She said: “There’s some real questions to be asked. A Government that wants to encourage people into education, to study and get qualifications. Why are they making it difficult for certain groups?”

Ms Johnson spoke out during Tuesday’s parliamentary debate about the impact this will have on students and universities.

She added: “They say they’re going to save £270 million by turning these grants into loans. But what that means is, students from poorer backgrounds are going to end up with more debt when they leave college.

“I’m just really disappointed, I just think it’s so short-sighted because the Government wants more people to study and get qualifications. Yet this is a barrier being put up to stop a group or groups that are under-represented at universities, yet the idea was to encourage more people.”

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Published: Wednesday 20th January 2016 by KCFM

Comments (2)
  • bailey

    believe you me the goverments right on this one it is abused something rotten typical labour mp ,get in the real world Diana stop point scoring

  • Philip Hilton

    After what the stupid lefties has caused opening the borders throughout the EU,she has the front to complain about conservatives policies.Get real Johnson and crawl back under you rock along with all the rest of the commies.

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