Hull mum and daughter appear on TV documentary about the lack of child mental health provision

Published: Thursday 2nd July 2015 by KCFM

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Kathy Hopper and her daughter Beth, featured on Channel 4’s “Kids In Crisis” programme, which looked at the lack of mental health services for children across the UK.

A Hull mum’s battle to get better mental health services for children in the region has featured in a TV documentary.

Last night Channel 4 aired “Kids in Crisis” about how some families have to travel across the country to get treatment for their youngsters.

Kathy’s daughter, Beth, has been sent all over the country to receive the help she needs and is currently at a facility in Manchester.

Kathy says there should be a more local centre, as Beth got worse whilst away from home:

“The behaviours what she’s picked up along the way, she never did any of those when she was at the West End Unit in Hull. She never had to be restrained, she never hurt herself. She’s just got worse. She never got angry, and she’s just so angry. She just wants to come home and nobody is listening.”

She says the closure of Hull’s West End Unit which was based in Hessle caused huge problems for many families across East Yorkshire, as that was their closest facility for their children to receive mental health treatment.

But because it’s no longer here, Beth was sent to Manchester to get the help she desperately needed.

Kathy says Beth didn’t respond well and she herself struggled to cope:

“I was absolutely devastated, heartbroken and of course I’ve got my younger son as well. So I had to be strong, I had to pretend to be strong for my children because if I crumbled, then who would be there for them?”

She’s now joined the campaign for better mental health care provision for children in East Yorkshire, with a petition calling for the West End Unit to be re-instated.

Many parents, including Sally Burke and her daughter Maisie, believe sending their children away actually hinders their recovery.

Kathy explains how Beth’s homesickness meant she didn’t respond well to treatment:

“She’s missed all of her senior school years, she’s missed out on her friends, she’s just missed out on the everyday things what other children do. She’s been incarcerated, restrained and imprisoned; She’s been shunted around the country like a criminal.”

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Published: Thursday 2nd July 2015 by KCFM

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