Hull mum disappointed after Prime Minister cancels meeting

Published: Friday 22nd January 2016 by Tom Drinkall

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A Hull mother has been left disappointed after the Prime Minister cancelled a meeting with her to discuss the baby ashes scandal.

Tina Trowhill has been campaigning for answers as to why her baby’s ashes and others were scattered without consent.

David Cameron had agreed to meet with the Trowhill family to hear their case for an inquiry after Hull North MP Diana Johnson raised the issue during Prime Minister’s Questions in November.

Mrs Trowhill said: “Yes, parents have found that their baby’s ashes have been strewn, or that the baby’s had been returned to a specific undertaker. There’s three parents now who’ve got, after 15 years, their baby’s ashes back. But we need the inquiry to find out why these things happen.

“These parents need to know why these things happened. I was just hoping to be able to speak to him about that and he would just understand how emotionally draining and upsetting it’s been for these parents who’ve come forward, that still haven’t (received) answers as to why things went so terribly wrong.

“To continue to help parents, to continue to look for answers, somebody has to have the answers somewhere. We will continue to search for those answers. I will not stop the fight because it’s the only thing that will answer the parents’ questions.”

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Published: Friday 22nd January 2016 by Tom Drinkall

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