Hull named as 1 of 7 UK cities “punching above its weight” in the export market

Published: Monday 20th April 2015 by KCFM

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A new study’s identified the city’s industrial heritage as having a positive impact on overseas trade for local businesses.

Research of 2,500 small to medium sized businesses across the UK have revealed that Hull is one of seven regional cities leading the race for international custom and clients.

70% of SMEs in Hull currently export. However, one in ten have only begun to export in this year alone.

The city has now been labelled as one of the fastest growing “export cities” in the UK.

87% of the businesses in Hull feel optimistic about the year ahead, with 76% of exporters predicting growth in the next year.

But there is room for improvement, after half of SME’s in the city claiming that more support is needed as well as more local advice.

Hull’s industrial heritage has had the biggest positive impact on current export behaviour, with 81% agreeing that it impacts positively.

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Published: Monday 20th April 2015 by KCFM

Comments (1)
  • Hull named as 1 of 7 UK cities “punching above its weight” in the export market.

    What total balderdash, if the city of Kingston-upon-Hull is to make any headway then it has to think big, and providing that businesses are up to honouring the demands placed upon them (or those demands that they have taken on) Then that is what business is all about.
    There is no point in pussy footing about, if you want to grown big then you have to think big and lets face it Hull has always had to do everything for itself.
    When any of our past business enterprises have begun to take losses we in Hull have always bounced back, replacing anything that begins to flounder with something other that if not immediately, will eventually begin to prosper.
    There are so many older large businesses from the past some examples are – Priestmans, Imperial Typewriters, Kingston Architectural Craftsmen, The caravan industry, although we still have some of those producers even now and there are so many more.
    So now we are at a new beginning and for the moment it is wind power, that is why we are working on road and infrastructural improvements, and all of this without even as usual getting included in the overblown expensive waste of money that is HS2.
    Until business and particularly governments stop thinking that London is the only place in the UK of any importance, then Hull will do as it always has, achieve through it’s own efforts!

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