Hull North MP calls for independent inquiry into why babies ashes were scattered without parents consent

Published: Wednesday 3rd June 2015 by KCFM

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MP Diana Johnson wants an inquiry to look into why parents weren’t told about their babies ashes being scattered.

The MP for Hull North has called for an independent local inquiry into why the ashes of babies were scattered without their family’s knowledge.

Earlier this week, an inquiry in Shrewsbury found that dozens of parents there didn’t receive any remains after their babies were cremated.

Hull mother Tina Trowhill has campaigned for answers after discovering her son’s ashes were scattered without her consent.

Now, MP Diana Johnson hopes they can get to the bottom of what happened in Hull:

“We had a meeting with the Leader of the Council a few months ago, and he wanted to see what happened with the Shrewsbury inquiry before he decided about what should happen in Hull. So I’m hoping we’ll be able to make further representation to introduce a full independent inquiry into what happened in Hull.

“Out of that report there are some national recommendations, which I fully support, but for me, there is also the issue with what happened here in Hull. I still believe there is the need for an inquiry to be held to find out what happened in those cases of local families.”

She’s backing a local investigation into the extent of the issue:

“What I do think we can do is try and help find out what happened in the cases that have come to light in Hull and whether there are other families where baby ashes are still stored, perhaps in funeral homes; but also just to find out what happened locally so people can understand what happened to their child.

“Most families had gone through that dreadful loss, had thought many years on that that had happened at a certain point in time and that the baby had been cremated; And its only now it’s coming to light that there may well have been ashes and they may well have been strewn or may still be with the funeral directors.”

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Published: Wednesday 3rd June 2015 by KCFM

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