Hull penguin complains about John Lewis Ad


Published: Friday 7th November 2014 by Paul Nickerson - Writer

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Leo is not happy. As resident at The Deep Aquarium in Hull, the young Gentoo penguin knows sooner or later, he will have  to settle down and find a mate.

But as the new John Lewis ad emerged, Leo has accused the retailer of presenting an unrealistic ideal of male penguins which he says other birds are struggling to live up to.

“I’ve got nothing personal against him”, said Leo, “but it makes things harder for us non-celebrity birds to have this Monty bouncing around like this on Televisoin .

“Penguins are naturally intrepid birds with a keen sense of fun, but the advert shows Monty leaping on a trampoline, playing football and sledding like a bullet down snow-laden hill.

“Most of us were happy with the chocolate bar adverts in the 80s but to expect us to perform like seals is bad on our self-esteem”

Last night seals at The Deep refused to comment but clapped their hands when we threw them a wet fish.

But things are looking up for Leo despite his worries and despite the pressures brought from the John Lewis ad.

“Fiona is one of two female penguins at The Deep who has taken something of a shine to our Leo” said a Deep spokesman.


Leo puts on a brave face as Fiona checks him out

“Penguins can be quite monogamous and the group we have at the moment will be looking for a mate over the next year or two.”

Science Officer Graham Hill told HEYToday that penguins are “complex creatures and can form life-long attachments with one another.”

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Show Leo your support

If you want to show your support for Leo the penguin and see him win back some kudos with Fiona, pop down to The Deep to see them in their purpose build enclosure.

That John Lewis Ad again (Sorry Leo)

Published: Friday 7th November 2014 by Paul Nickerson - Writer

Comments (2)
  • Jenny

    HILARIOUS ! Brilliant who ever did this

  • wilson

    LOL …..Great to see problems from the penguins point of view, …. Cool writing Mr Editor!

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