Hull schools to learn about city’s hidden history

Published: Tuesday 15th March 2016 by KCFM

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Hull schoolchildren will learn about the city’s hidden history from September.

The new curriculum forms part of a Heritage Learning project, which aims to introduce more local history into school education.

Zoe Martin, Heritage Learning education programme developer revealed that 43 schools are hoping to take part in the initiative.

She said: “While it’s really valid to learn about history in other parts of the country, why are children not learning about things that happened here? We always tend to think about the blitz being in London but actually Hull was the second-most severely damaged city. I think it’s about making children proud and understand why Hull is so significant.

“We’ve got things to do with the Hull docks and the fishing industry which are obviously really, really significant. We’ve got some key people such as William Wilberforce and Amy Johnson, and then some that are probably more hidden, for instance a lady who was one of the first GPs, called Mary Murdoch.”

Ms Martin went on to reveal that the curriculum will be accessible online.

She added: “We are creating a digital platform so that’s where teachers specifically will be able to access all these key histories. On the digital platform there’ll be things like high quality images, videos, audio.”

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Published: Tuesday 15th March 2016 by KCFM

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