Hull schools to receive first emergency inhalers this week

Published: Tuesday 5th May 2015 by KCFM

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Following a local family’s campaign, schools will now have emergency inhalers on stand-by if a child should suffer an asthma attack.

A Hull family has helped schools across the city receive their first emergency inhalers this week.

Stacy Suddaby lost her 10 year old son, Cameron Good, following an asthma attack last November.

Now, her and partner Craig Salter, are encouraging people to, “Take a breath for Cameron”, by taking a selfie and sharing it on social media.

Craig says they want to raise awareness as part of World Asthma Day:

“Everybody at 11 o’clock just stops and takes a minute out of their time and just has a deep breath for Cameron and remembers what he was like. We’re trying to get everybody to hold a piece of paper up saying, “I’m breathing for Cameron”, and to take a picture of that and to spread the word on social media.”

He’s hoping people will research the condition, especially if they know someone who has it:

“Obviously we’ve been reading a lot of information that’s been provided by Asthma UK, and me and Stacy didn’t know half of the stuff that’s actually on that website. It’s amazing what you can learn, even though you think you know what the condition is and what it’s about. There’s so much information out there for free and it can save a life.”

Craig says the support from Cameron’s school has been incredible throughout their campaign:

“Cameron’s school was actually the first school to get the inhalers in the first aid kits. The children and the staff have all had an asthma nurse provided, to come in to speak to them about the seriousness of asthma. So St Anthony’s Primary School are the pioneers of what our charity’s about.”

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Published: Tuesday 5th May 2015 by KCFM

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