Hull students tackle negative stereotypes surrounding Muslims

Published: Tuesday 7th July 2015 by KCFM

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A group of students are addressing the issues surrounding Muslims following the recent terror attacks.

Hull University students have recorded a video to break down negative stereotypes around Muslims.

It’s in response to the recent terror attacks, such as the Tunisian beach shootings which killed 38 people, including two from East Yorkshire.

The students want to raise awareness of their religion and what it means to many Muslims across the country.

Youssef Benchikar, President of the Hull University Islamic Society, is pleased with the reaction to the video:

“I think the Muslim communities worldwide felt concerned and wanted to share the same message. A message of peace, diversity and unity. That is why the video had a very good impact on the internet, especially on social media.”

He hopes the video will show the religion in its true light:

“We Muslims are peaceful people and we are the first victims of this propaganda. That is why we did this video for us to show the diversity of our religion. That even if we come from different countries, have different backgrounds in different countries, we are similar only in our faith.”

Youssef says the region’s perception to the religion is improving:

“I have experienced many embarrassing situations. I just hope that people will one day understand my faith. Hull is a really good place to live in and people are really lovely and kind. Years after years, I can feel that Hull is becoming more and more open and diverse. Hull deserves to be the City of Culture.”

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Published: Tuesday 7th July 2015 by KCFM

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