Hull to lead Europe-wide sexism study

Published: Monday 26th October 2015 by The News Editor

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The University of Hull is heading up a major study into gender inequality, looking at why sexism still exists in the 21st century.

Europe’s biggest ever research project will explore what constitutes gender equality and what can be done to achieve greater fairness across the continent.

The £2.7 million study will look at everything from children’s stories and street culture to how men and women are treated at work to investigate how people’s behaviour is shaped by the messages they receive about gender.

The project, entitled Grace (Gender and Cultures of Equality in Europe), will also explore how people might have different opportunities because of who they are.

Dr Suzanne Clisby, senior lecturer in social sciences at the University, says gender inequality is an increasingly recognised and controversial problem across the world, from the boardroom to city streets.

“We’ll be analysing the messages people receive about gender and sexism to understand how and why the idea of equality is constructed and contested,” she adds.

The work will be carried out across Europe by 15 specialist academics. Some will be based in Hull, while others will work in countries including Poland, Hungary, Holland, Italy and Spain.

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Published: Monday 26th October 2015 by The News Editor

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