Hull twins lay flowers for Sousse dead

Published: Wednesday 1st July 2015 by The News Editor

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Hull twins Chloe and Courtney Chapman have laid flowers at memorials for the victims of the Tunisia beach attack.

The pair, who are in Sousse for their 16th birthday, joined locals and other holidaymakers to pay their respects to the 38 people shot dead by a gunman outside the RIU Imperial Marhaba and Bellevue hotels.

Three heart-shaped memorials have been laid on the beach to mark the place where sunbathing tourists lost their lives, most of whom were British.

Some mourners were in tears as they read the messages of support that have been placed in the sand.

Following the shootings, many tourists flew home early, and Tunisians fear their businesses will never recover from the tragedy. But Chloe and Courtney are among those who have defiantly chosen not to leave.

Chloe says her family have decided to stay to help the Tunisians because the attack was not their fault and she is grateful to them for keeping her family safe. She says there is security everywhere so they feel safe in their hotel.

Police armed with assault rifles are a visible presence at road check points in Sousse, while gates to hotels in the area are guarded.

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Published: Wednesday 1st July 2015 by The News Editor

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