Hull’s Age UK says lack of funding for community services is to blame for hospital discharge delays

Published: Thursday 18th June 2015 by KCFM

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Elderly people are taking up hospital beds unnecessarily because of insufficient services once their discharged.

Age UK says the NHS in England has spent £2.5 million pounds on bed days since 2010 because of insufficient community care.

It’s claimed elderly people are being ‘trapped’ in hospital, because they’re having to wait for home help to become available.

Pam Davies from Hull Age UK, blames the lack of funding for services:

“There’s having the staff on the ground to be able to organise what people need but then if they can’t go home and they have to go into a residential, even for a short term, those places can be really really difficult because there’s less of them and so many people needing them.”

She says we’re starting to see the impact of cuts to social care budgets:

“Our council has had to take that as a hit which obviously then impacts on staffing levels, the actual availability of beds and care in the community. At the same time as the older population’s needs are increasing because we’ve got more older people.”

Pam says improving funding to local authorities would lead to big savings for the NHS:

“The amount of money this is actually costing the NHS to keep people in hospital longer, if some of that money could be switched to actually help local authorities and the local health providers provide the care that’s needed in the community, you could achieve so much more.”

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Published: Thursday 18th June 2015 by KCFM

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