Hull’s Christmas Number One?

Published: Tuesday 19th December 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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Former Beautiful South musician Dave Rotheray has released a tongue-in-cheek single just in time for the festive season.

After hanging up his guitar and retiring four years ago to open a bar on Newland Avenue, Dave never thought he’d be back in the recording studio. However, he has recently teamed up with Mike Greaves and Eleanor McEvoy to form Prosecco Socialist. Their first release is this hilarious, relatable Yuletide tune and they are set to release their first album in 2018.

We caught up with Dave to find out more about this exciting new chapter in his music career.

Great to chat with you, Dave. What was the inspiration for your new Christmas single ‘This Dog’s Just For Christmas (Not For Life)’?

Well, when I opened the pub, The People’s Republic, I wasn’t going to do any more musical work. But working behind the bar has sort of given me a wealth of experiences to write about. You do meet some right characters.

On top of this, I have a friend called Mike Greaves, who is a country singer. I’ve always wanted to work with him, so this gave me a chance to do that. I’ve also been wanting to record with Irish folk singer Eleanor McEvoy for quite a while, too.

The song is a bit of a joke but with a serious tone underneath it, I think. It was inspired by a Christmas night out. People were singing along to John Lennon’s “Happy Xmas (War Is Over)”. As they sang: “So, this is Christmas and what have you done?”, I replied “17 Guinness Extra Cold and some pickled onion Monster Munch.”

The words just sort of stuck in my head, so we made a song out of it.

Is the album “Songs From Behind Bars” mainly based on personal experiences too?

Mostly, yes. Although some of the material is stuff I was working on before I retired.

We bet you have some really funny stories to tell…

Well, there’s actually a lot of quite sad and depressing stories. You definitely meet some good people. It’s quite weird being on the other side of the bar. I’m a bit like a priest listening to everyone’s confessions.

But it’s only the people I don’t know, never the ones I do. Strangers reveal all of their secrets – it’s quite surprising.

Is Dave Rotheray fully out of musical retirement? Has this dabble in new music re-sparked your passion?

Well, I’m not really thinking ahead at all. At the moment, I’m just pleased that I have had the chance to work with Mike and Eleanor.

I don’t really plan ahead for these things, you see. I’m just happy to make it to the next week, mostly. I think this way you’re never too disappointed, because you weren’t expecting anything anyway!

Will we hear you guys perform some of the album live in the near future?

We all want to do it, but we’re all quite busy. Eleanor is a full-time musician and always on tour, and I’m working in the pub a lot of the time.

We’re really hoping to perform the album live. Maybe we’ll do a gig in the pub!

Share the song with everyone you know and make sure to pop into The People’s Republic for a pint the next time you’re on Newland Ave.

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Published: Tuesday 19th December 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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