Hull’s ‘Gold Man’ disappointed to miss out on City of Culture funding

Published: Tuesday 2nd August 2016 by KCFM

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A Hull performer has vowed to remain upbeat after missing out on 2017 City of Culture funding last week.

Only 60 of 650 funding applications were successful and the process drew criticism from sections of Hull’s cultural community after some applicants reportedly received as many as 10 rejection emails.

Andy Train, who organises Hull Pride and is also known as Hull’s ‘Gold Man’, says it is hard not to be disappointed by the decision.

He said: “There’s a lot of people like me – a lot of my friends, colleagues, people who I work with –  for whom Friday wasn’t a good day. It would have been nice to have a bit of a leg-up really.

“I’m a Pioneer volunteer, I’m performing, I know the Gold Man was part of the whole thing with the culture map, I’m there on the front when we got the announcement. I’ve fulfilled the criteria: I’ve filled the form in, I’ve done everything. It’s just life, but you can still participate.

“I put my heart and soul into this, as far as I can see I ticked all the boxes. I’m Hull born and bred, here we are this fantastic thing, that’s gonna be happening then nothing. I’d like to think the vast majority of things that are going to be given support and funding for Hull will be produced locally.”

Martin Green, Hull 2017 chief executive, says the team is keen to include the whole community during the year-long celebrations.

He said: “I’m pretty certain and secure in the fact that these bids have gone right across the city to all different kinds of artists and activities and that if there are artists out there that feel they’re yet to be fully engaged then that will happen too.

“We’re funding ‘The Sesh’, which is for new music by new musicians; we’re funding the Freedom Festival; we funded the Amy Johnson Festival.

“I understand there’s always disappointment but I wouldn’t like it to become a story in any way about the fact we aren’t absolutely supporting the cultural infrastructure of this city.

“In a few cases, the lead artist or someone is not from this city, it’s a very, very small percentage of the 60 we funded and you’ll see this in a programme as a whole.

“We’ve always been very clear it’s about artists in this community, it’s always about artists from other places coming to work here.”

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Published: Tuesday 2nd August 2016 by KCFM

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