Leading organisations calling for support for regional devolution


Published: Wednesday 17th June 2015 by KCFM

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Humber business organisations are calling on the Chancellor and the Communities secretary to join the debate on regional devolution.

Three of the Humber’s leading business organisations have sent a joint letter asking for their support for regional devolution.

The Hull and Humber Chamber of Commerce, the Institute of the Directors and the Federation of Small Businesses believe that a combined Humber authority, lead by an elected ‘metro mayor’, would be the best way to devolve powers away from Westminster.

They now want Chancellor George Osborne and Communities Secretary Greg Clark to meet with the local business community to discuss the plans.

Dr Ian Kelly from the Chamber of Commerce says they’re confident the ministers will respond:

“Four years ago when the same three organisations came together to write to the then Government, they gave us a Humber LEP. So Government came to the business community, where the local authorities weren’t quite sure where to go, and they gave us what we asked for and we’re hoping they’ll do the same this time.”

Dr Kelly says it’s crucial there’s a strong leader to make devolution happen:

“The Government have already invested many millions of pounds in enterprise zones, what we need now is the right political leadership, with an elected mayor, to drive that agenda, create growth and make the largest trading estuary in Europe even more successful.”

He believes the Humber deserves regional devolution:

“It’s the fourth largest trading estuary in Europe, the biggest in the UK, £100 billion offshore opportunity for renewables. We’ve got to make the most of that; So whether that’s a combined authority with an elected mayor or some kind of different configuration around the Humber, that’s important.”

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Published: Wednesday 17th June 2015 by KCFM

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