Humber tax credit claimants to lose £1.4K

Published: Thursday 19th November 2015 by The News Editor

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Hull’s poorest workers will be among the biggest losers when new tax credit cutbacks are introduced next April, a new report finds.

Claimants in the Humber and Yorkshire area will typically find themselves about £1,410 worse off in April 2017 compared with 12 months earlier.

The new TUC study finds that this and other poorer regions are the ones facing the biggest reductions.

These are headed by Northern Ireland, which faces average cuts of £1,480.

North-East tax credit claimants face typical £1,410 losses and those from North-West England, Scotland and Wales just below £1,400.

Average Londoners face average tax credit reductions of £1,100.

The poorest South-East and South-West workers will lose about £1,200 and Midlands claimants roughly £1,300.

In all, the TUC estimates that over £4.5 billion is set to be cut from the country’s tax credit bill.

Frances O’Grady, secretary of the TUC, expects regional pay disparities to get bigger.

She says the report shows that families who stand to miss out most are ones already living in lower-income communities, such as the Humber.

Ms O’Grady says that ministers should be backing lowest-paid areas rather than targeting them with cuts.

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Published: Thursday 19th November 2015 by The News Editor

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