Humberside PCC supports emergency services control rooms merger

Published: Wednesday 27th January 2016 by KCFM

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Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Grove has dismissed claims that Government proposals to merge police, fire and ambulance control rooms is dangerous.

MPs believe appointing a single chief officer to lead a control room, merging police, fire and ambulance services, will make them work closer together.

The Fire Brigades Union raised concerns over the proposals but Mr Grove believes the proposals make sense as the police, fire and ambulance services regularly attend the same incidents.

He said: “The Government aren’t driving this through, they’re giving it as an option for people to explore like myself. The police are, very often, going to the fire incidents, they’re going to the road traffic incidents. So there’s this huge tie-up between all three emergency services.

“The issue for me is identifying those potential opportunities to improve the level of service and the level of protection for the public of this area and then deliver them. That doesn’t necessarily require to change the whole management structure and governance arrangements of Humberside Fire and Rescue and Humberside Police.

“We have to look at how we can actually share each other’s buildings so that we’re able to spend more money on frontline fire personnel and frontline police officers, bobbies on the beat, and less money on bricks and less money on admin and bureaucracy.”

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Published: Wednesday 27th January 2016 by KCFM

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