Humberside Police urge residents not to walk alone on a night

Published: Friday 2nd October 2015 by KCFM

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Humberside Police have now given advice on how to stay safe returning home on foot after a night out.

Humberside Police are warning the public not to walk home alone on a night.

It’s after a 20 year old man was threatened and robbed in the early hours of this morning.

Three unknown men stole money and a novelty 80’s style mobile phone, before walking off – leaving the victim unharmed but shaken.

The suspects are described as:

– White, aged between late teens and 20’s and around 5ft 10ins tall with a very skinny build. He was wearing a brown chequered baseball cap, a dark blue Adidas zipped hooded top, light grey tracksuit bottoms with stripes on the side, balck Nike air trainers. He also had a skull stud in his left ear and a Silver chunky bracelet on left wrist.

– White, aged between late teens and 20’s and had a heavy build with hair shaved on sides. He was wearing Nike flat cap, black hooded top with silver Nike tick on chest and black jogging bottoms.

– White, aged around 25 years-old with a skinny build and had light brown hair. He was wearing white hooded top with the hood up and baby blue tracksuit bottoms with light brown hair.

Humberside Police have now given this advice:

Don’t make yourself a target while making your way home following a night out:
•    Prior to starting a night out plan how to get home, book a taxi and don’t hitch a ride.
•    Stay together with friends, share taxis and walk home together.
•    If you do walk home know your surroundings and choose sensible walking routes – well lit and with lots of people.
•    Keep your wallet out of sight and use cash machines in daylight or choose a well-lit one or one inside a bank.
•    If you suspect you’re being followed, cross over the road to see if they follow. If you’re still worried, don’t hang about. Go to a public place and call the police.
•    Walk confidently and be aware of what’s going on around you.
•    Remember, if you’re chatting on the phone or listening to your MP3 player, you won’t hear someone come up behind you. Your hearing is your best protection and your voice is your best defense. If you’re attacked, shout and run.

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Published: Friday 2nd October 2015 by KCFM

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