Humberside Police want to raise awareness of traveling foreign criminals

Published: Wednesday 24th June 2015 by KCFM

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Humberside police want more people to be aware of traveling foreign criminals in our area by raising awareness of their Operation Trivium.

Humberside Police this week are raising awareness of foreign criminals that travel through the region committing crime.

Operation Trivium is about raising public awareness of the work that the police force does. Between the 22nd and 28th June Humberside Police will be tweeting their actions and updates using the hashtag #OpTrivium.

Working along with neighbouring police forces, Immigration Enforcement, TISPOL (European Traffic Police Network), Gangmasters Licensing Authority, ACRO Criminal Records Office and other agencies, Humberside Police officers will be informing the public on its continued effort to prevent possible foreign gangs thought to be involved in shoplifting, fraud, metal theft, theft from vehicles and child sex exploitation, committing crime in our area.

Sergeant Jez Kelly, from Humberside’s Roads Policing department said:

“Operation Trivium is now in its fourth period. It is notoriously difficult to tackle travelling criminals without the help from our partner agencies who will assist in piecing together a national picture on travelling criminals to prevent worker exploitation, protect vulnerable people and tackle unlicensed and criminal activity.

“We know we have many foreign criminals who move around the country and are not linked to any individual or established communities. This week we aim to highlight some of the effort the police and other agencies are putting into dismantling this, at times sophisticated group of criminals.

“I must stress, this is not a witch hunt on foreign nationals. Operation Trivium uses intricate analysis and intelligence to identify possible migrants or illegal immigrants who are believed to be travelling the country committing crime.”

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Published: Wednesday 24th June 2015 by KCFM

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