East Riding Council makes 16 recommendations for improvement at Humberside Police

Published: Wednesday 13th January 2016 by KCFM

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East Riding Council has made 16 recommendations to Humberside Police on how it can improve its service to residents.

The review panel report reveals concerns over the force’s 101 service and wants improvements made to the police command hub.

It comes after Humberside Police was rated the only inadequate police force in the country by an HMIC report.

Councillor John Dennis, chair of the review panel, also believes the council should have more of a say over policing issues: “The East Riding of Yorkshire is the largest contributor to the police precept funding. It’s the biggest area, it’s the largest population. In effect, we are their biggest customer. So, why they don’t consult and why they don’t engage with us and why they continue to go down their own route, without talking to their main customer, is not acceptable.”

He explains why the council felt they needed to publish their own report: “It’s our duty under the Police and Justice Act. As the council, we want to see residents get the most out of their council tax.”

Councillor John Dennis also says statistics show areas without a neighbourhood watch team are ten times more likely to be burgled, and is calling on the police to help fund the scheme: “The Police and Crime Commissioner or the police force itself make no contribution to that. They used to contribute, they used to put a little bit of money in the pot and help us, but now they no longer do; and we call upon them to go back to that and help us, because surely it’s for their benefit?”


Published: Wednesday 13th January 2016 by KCFM

Comments (1)
  • Stan Anderson

    Just so we know, how much does ERYC contribute towards the cost of Neighbourhood Watch and how long has it been doing this for?

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