It’s ‘Carry On Spending’ for Yorkshire consumers

Published: Thursday 7th January 2016 by The News Editor

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Yorkshire folk’s reputation for thrift has been contradicted in a new poll that finds their spending shows no sign of slowing down after Christmas.

Only about one in eight (13 per cent) of Yorkshiremen and women have told ClearScore that they intend to cut back their spending to help manage debts now that 2016 has arrived.

This percentage is lower than anywhere else, according to the credit checking provider.

It compares to more than one in three people across Glasgow, London and Edinburgh.

Yorkshire people are still taking full advantage of their credit cards despite unprecedented rates of excessing festive spending and pre-Christmas borrowing.

Nationwide, 45 per cent of UK consumers experienced higher-than-anticipated spending during the festive period.

Despite this, around 20 per cent have not made plans to get their finances in order this month.

Over three in ten people across the country (31 per cent) won’t even check their bank balances because of what they have spent in December.

Justin Basini, ClearScore founder and CEO, said: “Now’s the time to regain control, for example, by setting up direct debits to pay off balances or switching to zero per cent balance transfer cards.”

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Published: Thursday 7th January 2016 by The News Editor

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