It’s time to spring forward!

Published: Monday 20th March 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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Today is the first day of spring. It’s time to get ready for the new season, from reorganising your home to eating chocolate (it’s allowed).

Remember, the clocks go forward one hour at 1am on Sunday 26 March, which means longer days, shorter nights and the countdown to summer.

Preparing your home, garden and lifestyle ready for the warmer months can be a really exciting occasion for the whole family.

Have a spring clean

One of the most popular ways of celebrating the arrival of spring is having a good clear out of your stuff.

Get the whole family involved to sort out cupboards, wardrobes and storage boxes. You can have a pile for the charity shop, a box of things to sell online, and a bag for things that need to be thrown out.

Afterwards, make sure everything is sparkling clean. Whilst your wardrobe is empty, give it a good hoover, wipe out your kitchen cupboards and dust those areas that are usually forgotten about.

You’ll be amazed at just how much difference this makes to your home and wellbeing.

Redecorate the house

If your home is feeling a bit lacklustre, you may want to grab some paintbrushes and get redecorating.

Refreshing a room or even the whole house can really give you a spring in your step when guests visit for parties and BBQs.

If you can’t afford to have an overhaul of your decor, invest in some new linens, pillows and accessories. These will breathe new life into old spaces.

Set up a guest room

Are your Christmas decorations still occupying the spare room?

Put this space to good use and transform it into a welcoming guest room.

Spring and summer are full of unexpected parties and BBQs. Your friends won’t have to worry about organising taxis or designated drivers if you have a lovely room for them after a glass or two of Pimm’s.

Tidy up the garden

After spending time cleaning the inside, you don’t want your garden to let down the rest of the house.

The long winter might have left a bit of damage, so have a tidy around the garden.

Again, get everyone involved. Wash down any furniture and varnish or repaint it if required. Meanwhile, pull out weeds and cut back overgrown plants to start afresh this new season.

Make the most of the weather

The past few months have been cold, wet and dull. The start of spring means lighter evenings, warmer weather and brighter days.

Make the most of these daylight hours by spending time with your loved ones outside. Go for long walks and explore somewhere new.

It’s not every day that you can enjoy a picnic in the park with the sun on your back and a gentle breeze through your hair, so appreciate it whilst it lasts.

Get creative in the kitchen

Again, the cold weather makes us crave hot, stodgy food and tummy-warming stews.

With the sunshine poking through the clouds, you may instead be in the mood for a lighter bite.

Experiment in the kitchen with fresh vegetables, Mediterranean salads and grilled meat. Alternatively, indulge in some chocolate-filled recipes in time for Easter.

Invite your friends and family over

Celebrate the start of spring and your rejuvenated space by having a get-together.

You’ll be secretly smug when you show off your beautiful home and it’s the perfect opportunity to share some spring-cleaning tips with friends.

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Published: Monday 20th March 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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