Knife crime is on the up, according to Humberside Police

Published: Thursday 2nd July 2015 by KCFM

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They’ve now launched a new initiative to reduce the number of incidents involving knives by encouraging people to give them up anonymously.

Humberside police say they’re determined to get knives off the street after an increase in related crime.

In the past twelve months to April, there were almost 4 hundred knife related crimes including 2 deaths, that’s an increase of 74%.

Inspector Neil Pattison says the next month will see a knife amnesty across the force.

“Just occasionally we do have a serious incident but within the Humberside Police area, they are fortunately few and far between. So anything we can contribute to reduce violent crime is a big win for us.”

He hopes people will hand in their knives during a month long amnesty.

“Just occasionally, people do carry knives for protection. That’s totally against the law. There’s very very few reasons why anybody can be in legitimate possession of a knife on the street; So what I would say is; ‘You don’t need a knife. Bring it into the police station and we’ll dispose of it for you’.”

Inspector Pattison says they’re looking to get as many knives off the streets as possible:

“Whilst knife crime isn’t a massive issue within Humberside Police, one incident involving a knife is one too many. So what I would appeal to people is, if you have any knives, bring them into the station, pop them into the front office, there’ll be no questions asked, and we’ll dispose of them.”

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Published: Thursday 2nd July 2015 by KCFM

Comments (1)
  • Susan

    I think that knife crime is mainly up due to the eastern Europeans that come here. In their countries carrying knives is common place, so when they come here they continue their way of life over here.

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