Lord Prescott becomes white van man as KCOM names fleet

Published: Thursday 16th February 2017 by Tom Drinkall

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Lord Prescott may be best known for his love of sporty Jaguar cars, but today (Thursday, February 16) he is becoming the first person to become one of KCOM’s white van men – and women.

The former Deputy Prime Minister today launched a new scheme by KCOM to rename all of its 95 vans after famous people from Hull’s past and present.

Lord Prescott unveiled his van – number 01 – in Jameson Street as KCOM launched a public appeal for suggestions to name the other 94 vehicles in its fleet.

The vans will bear the name of their illustrious namesakes for the rest of the 2017 UK City of Culture year.

Cathy Phillips, KCOM’s chief marketing officer, said: “During this first Made In Hull season of City of Culture year we want to celebrate all the great people and places that have made Hull what it is today.

“We are delighted that Lord Prescott has agreed to be the first person to have one of our vans named after him. As one of the most famous political figures to come out of the city and as a tireless champion for Hull, we thought it was fitting that the ‘John Prescott’ was the first van to hit the streets.

“We are renaming our vans in honour of Hull’s greatest sons and daughters and would like local people to suggest who they should be. We’re expecting names such as William Wilberforce and Amy Johnson to be popular, but we’re also hoping for some more unsung heroes to be put forward too.

“If people want to suggest names of iconic Hull buildings or landmarks, such as the Humber Bridge, we’ll also consider naming some of our vans after those places that mean the most to the city.”

Each of the vans will bear its own its distinctive name and number and people are being encouraged to start ‘collecting’ them in the same way road users spot Eddie Stobart lorries.

Cathy said: “Our vans are a familiar sight out and about on the streets of Hull and East Yorkshire and soon people will be able to start spotting all the different Hull legends emblazoned on their sides. We’re hoping that someone will spot them all by the end of the year.”

People can suggest a name for a KCOM van by visiting kcomhome.com/hull2017vans and registering their nomination by 5pm on Thursday, 9 March.

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Published: Thursday 16th February 2017 by Tom Drinkall

Comments (2)
  • Philip Hilton

    The same fat git who destroyed Hull`s fishing industry, just how can one be so naive KC?

  • Lord Prescott becomes white van man as KCOM names fleet.

    Published: Thursday 16th February 2017 by HEY Today editor.

    I am sure readers that you must agree that these days it seems that the bigger no-mark you are, you seem to get recognised and honoured far more.

    Such things as having a vehicle named after you and even being given medals for just simply doing your privileged job.

    OBE’s and other medals are handed out to people in very high earning jobs, like actors and politicians and so called celebrities.

    My problem with this is those people who are forced to work for peanuts, work many hours just to exist and to support their families get a big fat nothing!

    The manufacturing industry and the service industry improve life’s quality and support their country, as well as making the wealth that keeps our country afloat.

    People in under pressure health situations, carers, doctors and nurses saving lives and taking care of others are forgotten.

    These are the people who should be recognised for their efforts and contributions to the quality of life for others.

    Not fat lard arses who have been in cushy jobs, living a life of luxury and generally looking down on all of us, the only time they bother about us is for our vote.

    Perhaps royalty would be better thought of too if they gave out awards to those more deserving of them.

    Medals and awards should be given and nominated for by the people, not those who keep their nominations within their own circle of privilege.

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