Lunch at Ponti on Newland Avenue

Published: Tuesday 18th April 2017 by Rich Sutherland

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If you’re looking for a huge range of places to eat within a small area, try Newland Avenue in Hull.

A bustling street lined with coffee shops, bars, restaurants and delis, there are plenty of options when you’re feeling peckish.

Due to the area having a mix of residents and a large student population, you can find flavours from across the world, from French to Egyptian and Japanese to Indian.

Over the weekend we visited Ponti, an Italian cafe selling tea and coffee, fresh cakes, Italian pastries, hot and cold snacks and salads.

Presented with a few mouthwatering choices, we went for the lasagne. This was a mix of pork and beef, cooked for three hours and accompanied by fresh salad.

Everything about this dish was spot on. The pasta was the perfect texture throughout, the meat was succulent and the flavours really popped.

Meanwhile, the optional honey and lemon dressing brought the salad to life. The crunch went very nicely with the softness and creaminess of the lasagne, whilst the juicy tomatoes combined perfectly with the meaty sauce.

The portion was also very good – just the right amount to fill you up. At £6, it’s an affordable lunch and also available to take out.


The main course was followed by a slice of soft apple and cinnamon cake, served with whipped cream or pouring cream.

This too was homemade and wonderfully fresh. With a sticky topping giving the sponge a little extra mouthfeel, the dessert was polished off pretty quickly.

(If you’re visiting just for something sweet, there’s a cake and coffee deal available for £3.75, served from 2pm each day.)


Whilst one of us enjoyed the cake, the other had a small Italian pastry to go with their coffee.

This is the perfect option when you fancy a treat but don’t want to commit to a large dessert.

The crunchy pastries go well with a freshly prepared latte or a hot chocolate, and there are a few types to choose from. There’s also traditional biscotti and cherry biscotti on offer, both of which are delicious.


As for the atmosphere, Ponti is relaxed and friendly, making it ideal for everything from a quiet cuppa to lunch with the family.

Free Wi-Fi is available throughout and there’s a small seating area outside too, which becomes a lovely sun trap during the summer months.

The owners and staff are always welcoming and helpful, plus it’s worth picking up a loyalty card if you think you might become a regular customer.

Free parking is available throughout the area, so it’s easy to find a space nearby if you’re driving.

Once you’ve finished chilling and filling, why not go for a walk? Whether it’s charity shops or independent boutiques, a few groceries or a special gift, you’re bound to find it down Newland.

Ponti is located at 237 Newland Avenue, near the Tesco Express. You can also view the menu online before you visit.

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Published: Tuesday 18th April 2017 by Rich Sutherland

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