March through Hull to highlight homelessness

Published: Wednesday 15th April 2015 by KCFM

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A march will take place in in Hull city centre today to raise awareness of homelessness in the city.

Support workers, service users and activists will take to the streets to highlight the issue.

Ellie Tuffin is from Catch 22, a charity that helps young people dealing with homelessness.

She says organisations just don’t have the capacity to cope with a growing problem:

“74% of homeless organisations have been unable to support young people due to limited capacity, which is what we’re seeing within our own organisation.

“We support 40 young people at any one time in a month in Hull, and we always have young people on the waiting list.”

She added that austerity has hit Hull particularly hard, and that she hopes today’s event will put the issue on the election agenda:

“We’ve certainly suffered more than a lot of other cities. Continued high proportion of unemployment and  a lack of training opportunities for young people is leading to this perpetual trend that we have.

“Coming up to an election, it’s an opportunity to put homelessness, as well as the wider issues of the increasing use of food banks and struggles with employment, on the agenda and having a major discourse.”

Sarah Hemingway from Hull Homeless Outreach, who helped organise the protest march, says she hopes the event will help change perceptions of homelessness.

“We’re not just talking about homeless in the sense that they’re on the streets or in hostels. There are a lot of families in bed and breakfasts, temporary accommodation, or having to move out of the area. It’s like that across the UK.”

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Published: Wednesday 15th April 2015 by KCFM

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