Matthew Grove keen to recruit civilians to help fight cyber crime

Published: Thursday 21st January 2016 by KCFM

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Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Grove has backed plans to enlist civilians to help police in the battle against cyber crime.

Mr Grove is keen to utilise people in the local community to build and strengthen Humberside Police’s ability to tackle the crime.

His stance comes after Home Secretary Theresa May revealed plans which will see volunteer accountants and computer experts help police forces investigate financial and cyber crimes.

Mr Grove said: “Crime is changing, traditional crimes like burglary are decreasing and in recent years we have seen a massive increase in online crimes such as fraud and cyber crime, where individuals and businesses see their bank accounts hacked and computer infrastructures taken down.

“Volunteers have been embedded in police forces for nearly 200 years and Humberside Police has always had a dedicated force of volunteers and special constables who give up their time to help the police.

“I raised this issue with the Chief Constable (Justine Curran) earlier this week requesting that we seek to recruit specialist volunteers.

“I am keen that we access the brightest people within our community to build and strengthen our ability to tackle the scourge of cyber crime and fraud that is fast becoming the largest threat to our communities and residents.

“I am also keen that we prioritise prevention as often the criminals are abroad and out of reach of UK law enforcement.

“I have always said we need a big team to confront criminality and volunteers who can bring specialist skills from other sectors can greatly assist the police fight the growing trend of these new types of crime.”

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Published: Thursday 21st January 2016 by KCFM

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