MPs back Humber Estuary development


Published: Thursday 23rd October 2014 by The News Editor

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Plans to build a £450 million wind turbine factory in East Yorkshire will go ahead after MPs rejected objections from a port operator.

Preparation work for the Able Marine Energy Park, on the south bank of the Humber Estuary, has already begun.

Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin approved plans for the development in December last year, but Associated British Ports, which operates 21 ports in the UK, objected to the scheme as it involves the compulsory purchase of some of its land.

It had planned to erect a deep water jetty on the same site and believed a compromise would have enabled both plans to move forward – yet a parliamentary committee has upheld the decision to grant planning permission.

Able Marine Energy Park, which is supported by a £15 million government grant, will deliver state-of-the-art port facilities specifically designed to support the North Sea’s lucrative offshore wind industry.

It is expected to create 4,100 jobs and encourage manufacturers currently considering locating new factories in the region to move ahead with their investments.

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Published: Thursday 23rd October 2014 by The News Editor

Comments (4)
  • Arthur Tonkinson

    I just opened the webpage ‘Nothing is written in stone’ and immediately got told that my flash player was not up to date with a very convincing Adobe page. It might have very well been genuine. My main misgiving is that I know that my Flash Player is up to date.

    Then when I went back into the page it opened up a Tesco pop-up which I object to anyway. I say what opens and doesn’t open on my computer, not some webpage developer elsewhere. Always be on your guard for different ways to trick you into downloading malware.
    Arthur Tonkinson BSc

    • dell

      I to keep getting about flash player needs updating,i am no youngster and I get worried when this keeps coming up.

      • Arthur Tonkinson

        I have since had confirmation from my firewall that there is a very convincing looking flash player piece of malware going the rounds. I don’t know what it actually does but I’ll lay odds that it not be pretty.

      • Arthur Tonkinson

        Ignore it. Flash player is a product of Adobe Systems who also created Adobe Acrobat, the software that creates and edits what are called PDF files. They are used extensively by professionals and amateurs all over the world. You only have to update Flash Player if you actually want to use it. You can do so from these websites: and In both these cases I suggest that you untick the two boxes to make google chrome you default browser and to install the google toolbar. You don’t need either even if you already use them. If the flash player or reader need updating Adobe will notify you automatically directly to your computer so any such warning that appears in your browser is a fake. It could very well download malware bypassing your internet security. Sorry I didn’t see your request until today. Incidentally I am 68 years old. 🙂

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