Mum and daughter in Driffield hospice shop theft

Published: Thursday 17th March 2016 by The News Editor

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Beverley magistrates have sentenced a mother-and-daughter team for thieving from a Driffield hospice charity shop where they worked.

Joan Haire and her daughter Rebecca regularly kept cash customers gave them at the Sue Ryder shop in Middle Street South, the Hull Daily Mail reports.

The pair were caught by security cameras, which were installed after the hospice shop kept failing to hit its sales targets every month.

Assistant manager Rebecca Haire claimed they spent between three and four months taking around £15 every day.

This initially went undetected because the shop’s cash-flow accounts were not kept. Joan Haire told police she pocketed the cash as fair recompense for working as a volunteer there.

The cameras recorded around 30 cases involving “suspicious behaviour” between September 5 and 19.

Gary Quantick, defending, said: “In respect of Rebecca, she was paid £700 a month and her rent was £460. She succumbed to temptation. She’s thoroughly ashamed of herself.

“Joan has been unusually honest in that she says she saw Rebecca doing it and then foolishly copied it. They are both very remorseful. All these things start innocently.”

David Webster, chairing the magistrates, sentenced the pair to 120 hours’ unpaid community service.

Dr. Webster said: “This is not your finest hour. We can’t quantify how much you stole so we are not in a position to order compensation. Hopefully, this will be a suitable punishment.”

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Published: Thursday 17th March 2016 by The News Editor

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