New charity looking at “Helping Hull’s Hounds”

Published: Thursday 2nd April 2015 by KCFM

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Hull City Council’s joined forces with the Dog Rescue Federation to create a brand new charity helping abandoned dogs in the city.

Helping Hull‘s Hounds is a new campaign aiming to raise awareness of the number of unwanted dogs in the city.

A six month trial has just begun, to see what difference, if any, they can make in the community.

The charity provides a website, allowing owners to find all the relevant information they need, to look after their pet, in one place.

Animal Warden Chrissie Cooper says abandoned dogs are a big problem in the city:

“Abandoned and stray dogs is an issue in the Hull area. Unfortunately quite a lot of those tend to be of the Staffy-type breed. So we’re focusing on Staffordshire Bull Terriers, trying to get many people to get them neutered and thinking about not breeding them.

“We tend to find a lot of dogs abandoned generally for ill-health and a dog that’s getting older-aged needing a bit more medical treatment. And sometimes people have taken on a dog not considered the training and behavioural aspects, and then when they become a bit of an issue, they tend to pass them on.”

Chrissie believes part of the problem is that people underestimate how expensive looking after a dog can be:

“Dogs need a lot of medical treatment. Vaccinations, flea and worming treatments on a regular basis. If they’ve come under ill-health there’s the veterinary costs that need to be taken into consideration when anybody does take on a dog.”

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Published: Thursday 2nd April 2015 by KCFM

Comments (1)
  • mark Shepherdson

    Its a very good idea. As a staffy owner i think people need to understand the commitment needed in owning a dog. The rewards are great though. Our 2 dogs are both rescue dogs and they are very good. The reputation staffys have is unfairly portrayed. Its the people who raise the dog badly.

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