Nick Hunt documents our damaging impact on the world’s oceans

Published: Thursday 29th June 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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Acclaimed underwater photographer, Nick Hunt, is the fourth artist to be showcased at The Deep as part of their Maritime Art exhibition for 2017.

Throughout July and August, 22 of the diver’s images will be proudly displayed in the aquarium. We spoke to Nick to find out more.

“There will be a range of macro and wide angle photographs, all taken in South East Asia,” he tells us. “They are all underwater, with a mix of detailed snaps and scenic shots.”


After growing up in Hull from the age of 12, Nick decided to leave the city and go travelling. This was in 2008 and the business owner has never looked back, settling in Koh Lanta, Krabi, Thailand. It was here that he began work as a dive instructor.

“I have been diving for over eight years now and explored a lot of places all over the world,” Nick recalls. “When I started, I would always capture the moment with a small compact camera so that I could relive the fantastic experience when I was on shore.”

After a few years of snapping away at the intriguing ocean life, Nick spotted a job as a portrait photographer and went for it: “I thoroughly enjoyed my time doing that and it led to me starting my own business.”


Previous artists featured in The Deep’s Maritime Art exhibition have focused their work on a particular contemporary topic, such as plastic pollution.

“My photos document the ecology side of things. If it’s one thing that diving has taught me, it’s the fragile nature of the underwater world.”

Nick describes his experiences and how he has seen whole landscapes transform for the worse:

“I have seen the detrimental impact that humans have on this precious ecosystem,” he admits. “We need to be more environmentally aware and learn what we can do to protect this amazing world.”

As a diver, the artist feels like it is his duty to get this message across to the general public.

“Because we can’t see it, we often forget about the wildlife under the sea. Trawlers overfish and we scour the bottom of the oceans, dragging beautiful creatures with it. If this was to happen on land, in say, the African savannah, there would be uproar.”


This strong desire to protect the world’s oceans matches up with The Deep’s hard work to conserve underwater life. Only a few weeks ago, HEY Today caught up with CEO Katy Duke as she stressed the importance of preserving the seas:

“We all rely on oceans for a food source as well as the air we breathe,” she pointed out.

“A lot of the world’s oxygen comes from the coral in the water,” adds Nick. “If we wipe all that out, we as humans will be facing massive consequences.”

Later this year, Nick will be taking part in a coral propagation project in South West Thailand: “This is where we re-plant coral during our dives.”

You can see the stunning photos for yourself at The Deep. Entry to the exhibition is included with the price of one admission ticket to the aquarium. Meanwhile, find out more about the art of Nick Hunt.


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Published: Thursday 29th June 2017 by Courtney Farrow

Comments (1)
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