Pancreatic cancer patients in Hull and the East Riding to be left without invaluable drug

Published: Tuesday 29th September 2015 by KCFM

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Abraxane, the only life-prolonging drug for pancreatic cancer patients, has been taken away.

Pancreatic cancer patients have seen their only life-prolonging drug taken away.

85 people in Hull and the East Riding die every year from the disease, with just under 90 new cases reported per year.

Survival rates for pancreatic cancer are among the lowest of all the major cancers, with only 15.7% of patients diagnosed in the advanced stage of the disease surviving for one year after diagnosis.

It’s the fifth most common cancer in the UK.

Thousands are now calling to restore the right for sufferers in England to get access to Abraxane, which is still available in Scotland and Wales.

Ali Stunt founder of Pancreatic Cancer Action explains what this now means for patients:

“There is another combination of drugs, but that’s only available for a very very small minority of patients who are very fit because it’s very toxic and very hard to tolerate. We have very few drugs for pancreatic cancer, and to remove one of them, is just cruel.”

Maggie Watts, who lost both her husband and mother in law to the disease, is now campaigning to reinstate the drug:

“The medics could offer my husband no better chances of survival in 2009 than they could offer his mum in 1969; And to me, that’s a shocking situation that there’s been no development in forty years in terms of survivability.

“The petition was started just over a week ago and it’s already at 77,000 signatures and gaining momentum.”

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Published: Tuesday 29th September 2015 by KCFM

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