Pay a visit to Cocoa Chocolatier during Chocolate Week

Published: Monday 9th October 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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It’s Chocolate Week, so we caught up with Jon Collins, owner of Cocoa Chocolatier, to find out about the delicious craft of chocolate-making.

Cocoa Chocolatier had humble beginnings at Trinity Indoor Market in Hull. Word soon got out about their mouth-watering offerings and Jon expanded the business, setting up a permanent shop on Humber Street. The little yellow confectionary paradise has been open for almost a year now and is continuously developing new ways to tantalise our taste buds.

As well as individual chocolates, cakes and brownies, Cocoa Chocolatier serves ice cream, coffee and hot chocolate. Meanwhile, if you want to try out a selection of their products, you can enjoy a special Afternoon Tea menu.

Congratulations on all of your success, Jon. How on earth do make such popular chocs?

It’s a three-day process. We do the centres first, let them set, then cut them up and let them set again. We then dip them in chocolate and… you’ve guessed it, we let them set. They are served fresh the following day.

My baker is currently travelling Australia and New Zealand, gathering inspiration and new ideas. So at the moment I’m running the business as well as making the chocolates. It’s pretty full on.

Speaking of flavours, you have some unique offerings on your menu, don’t you?

Coming up with flavours is completely trial and error. Some of our best-selling combinations have been made by pure accident. For example, our basil and peppermint chocolate was created when I mistook the bag of mint for a bag a basil. The same goes for our cherry and sage concoction.

Is there anything new you’re working on at the moment?

We’re currently developing our Christmas range, which is quite exciting. We’ll be launching these new treats at the beginning of December. This does seem quite late compared to other retailers, but all of our stuff is made in small batches, so that we have fresh produce every day. We don’t like to sell stuff that has been in packaging for a long time.

This year, we have focused on organic marzipan. We use 70% almonds to give it a deliciously rich taste. Your usual marzipan is usually 70% sugar.

Sounds yummy! Do you have anything else planned?

Our chocolate classes have been extremely popular this year, and we’re definitely going to be upping our game for 2018. We’ll be releasing a new schedule of dates nearer Christmas, so the courses will make the perfect gift for chocolate-lovers.

You can sample Jon’s scrumptious delights at 7 Humber Street. They are open Monday to Thursday 9am-4pm, Friday and Saturday 9am-6pm and Sundays 11am-6pm. Catch them at Trinity Indoor Market too, Monday to Saturday 9am-4pm. To find out more, please visit Cocoa Chocolatier.

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Published: Monday 9th October 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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