People in Yorkshire and the Humber need to speak out about terminal illness

Published: Friday 10th April 2015 by KCFM

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Marie Curie hope to change perceptions over terminal illnesses by encouraging people to talk about end of life care.

The charity Marie Curie is calling for a change in the way society treats terminal illness.

They want to encourage people to have open conversations about end of life care, to remove the stigma and fear that surrounds the issue.

Karen Torley is Marie Curie’s divisional manager for Yorkshire and the Humber, she says it’s vital it receives more attention:

“We’ve got an aging population; And we’re going to have a lot more people who are going to need support. I think if we don’t talk about what people need, then we won’t be able to influence care in the future and how services are commissioned going forward.”

She says it could help redress the inequalities in treatment provision:

“Quite often, patients suffering from cancer will have referrals to specialist palliative care. If the patient is suffering from non-cancer diagnosis, such as heart failure and breathing difficulties etc…, they may not get the support as easily.”

Karen says raising awareness is vital to improve services:

“I think consistent access across the United Kingdom around overnight support and weekend, and that can result in unwanted admissions to hospitals. So carers are telling us they need more support, and in particular out of hours.”

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Published: Friday 10th April 2015 by KCFM

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