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Published: Monday 12th June 2017 by Rich Sutherland

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The Pig & Whistle is Beverley’s new neighbourhood bistro and charcuterie bar. We popped down to get a taste for its exciting menu.

Owned and managed by James Allcock, previously of 1884 Dock Street Kitchen, the bright and stylish eatery presents flavours from across the UK and Europe.

Upon entering we were warmly welcomed, shown to a table and handed a drinks menu. With a huge range of high quality wines and spirits, as well as an ale offering from Atom Beers and various sherries, we were already spoilt for choice.

Based on small plates, sharing boards and nibbles, the food menu is accompanied by wall boards describing the meats and cheeses available that day.

We started off with some Ibérico Pig Skin and Tarragon Mayonnaise. These soft and crispy morsels could be called posh pork scratchings, with their light, brittle texture containing tons of appetising flavour.


Next up came a trio of cheeses that we chose from the board. We went for a mix of types, which were accompanied by grapes, quince and crackers.

The Finn was especially tasty. An unpasteurised and soft-white variety, it is the only triple cream cheese made in England.

We ordered this along with a serving of Boeuf Bourguignon from the kitchen, which really was a treat. The chunks of beef were an absolute dream and incredibly tender, whilst the stew and juices were perfect for some good old bread dipping.


This was followed by Smoked Winestead Roe Deer Tartare with 62˚ Duck Egg Yolk. Neither of us had ever tried raw deer before so it was a culinary adventure for us both. We’re delighted to report that it was delicious, with the egg yolk really adding to the experience.


This was one of those visits where we arrived with a bit of an appetite, only to realise just how hungry we were. Also wanting to try a little more from the menu, we ordered the Baked St. Marcellin, a soft French cheese flavoured with riesling and thyme.

We savoured this for a while, slowly dipping the sourdough toast into the mild, creamy and slightly nutty delight. The fig on the side added a little sweetness, not to mention an extra level of luxury.


We could have finished here, yet couldn’t resist finding out why the Beer Sticks are so popular. Usually chosen as a starter or a light bite, we agreed that these chewy, meaty nibbles were the perfect conclusion to a first-class meal.


To end the night, we slowly sipped delightful sherry whilst chatting to fellow diners who had very much enjoyed the Leeks a la Vinaigrette. Across from us, James put a new record on the turntable whilst his team happily gave recommendations for pairing wines with meats and cheeses.

Long story short, The Pig & Whistle truly is a unique dining destination, perfectly placed in the heart of Beverley. Though you’re paying for quality, you might be surprised at how affordable it is, with small plates from £6 and sharing boards from just £12.

If you’re strapped for time, you could pop in to enjoy some snacks at the bar, ranging from Pickled Bantam Hen’s Egg to Breakfast Radishes.

You can find The Pig & Whistle at 5 Sow Hill Road, right next to the bus station and a short walk from the train station.

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Published: Monday 12th June 2017 by Rich Sutherland

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