Police in treat-or-trick clampdown

Published: Friday 24th October 2014 by The News Editor

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Hull residents who don’t want trick-or-treaters this Halloween are due to get extra protection.

Humberside Police is deploying additional street patrols around the city to dissuade revellers from knocking on the doors of people who do not wish to participate.

Such householders can also get special posters from Hull neighbourhood officers which tell trick-or-treaters they are not welcome.

And egg and flour retailers are being advised against selling these trick-or-treat staples to youngsters in the run-up to October 31.

Young people will also be told not to buy these items on crime prevention posters and in advice posted on the local force’s Facebook page and website.

Andy White, a PC with Humberside Police, says children should have fun during Halloween, but it must not be at others’ expense.

The safety-awareness initiative is putting the spotlight on anti-social behaviour and the danger of break-ins while people are answering the door to strangers or out at Halloween events.

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Published: Friday 24th October 2014 by The News Editor

Comments (1)
  • Ooooops

    Cause there putting don’t buy eggs and flour on posters there’s going to be a big increase of egg and flour sales, and kids throwing the stuff all over the place and all over peoples houses, specially those who put posters up saying not to go there. Well done Humberside Police for advertising to kids what to do this Halloween for a laugh.

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