Proposed trawlermen memorial design ‘soul-less’ – Hull sculptor

Published: Tuesday 24th March 2015 by KCFM

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A Hull sculptor’s criticized the proposed design for a memorial to the city’s lost trawlermen as too abstract.

The chosen design, by firm Urban Colour, was chosen from nearly seventy entries into a competition to decide how the memorial would look.

But Peter Naylor, a sculptor from Hull, says his design would be more suitable:

“People bond to people, especially on a subject matter that is so emotional. It is a memorial, it is for lost trawlermen, and part of that is for the families of those lost trawlermen to go, and to have some connection to those that they lost.”

“My design is a trawler crew, stood there. There are young faces, there are old faces, some of them are happy, some of them are pensive. There’s a kind of face for everybody. So, families will see somebody in that crowd of nineteen faces that they feel is connected to them.”

“I’m a Hull born and bred person. My father started his working life on the fish dock. My first teaching job was at Kingston High School on Pickering Road, so I taught the children of the fishing community. I’m really connected to this.”

STAND, who have led the campaign to see a memorial built, have defended the process they’ve followed to select a design. STAND Chairman Charles Pinder says:

“It is regrettable that Mr Naylor has taken this somewhat desperate approach to getting his design taken on in the place of the memorial garden which has now been accepted by Hull City Council’s planning committee.”

“The choice of the memorial design was made following a scrupulously constructed and administered international design competition, which attracted nearly 70 entries from around the world. Mr Naylor was one of those entrants, but his design was not successful having failed to comply with the published design brief.”

STAND have promised there will be further public consultations to refine the design of the memorial.

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Published: Tuesday 24th March 2015 by KCFM

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