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Published: Thursday 15th June 2017 by Rich Sutherland

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Today is National Beer Day, which isn’t just about popping down the pub.

Taking place across the UK, it’s a time for fans of the beverage to spread awareness of good beer, which can take many forms. Prime examples are visiting a brewery, joining your local CAMRA branch, trying something new, or even taking up brewing yourself.

Those who live in Hull and East Yorkshire are lucky enough to have an expert brewery right on their doorstep. But the people at Atom Beers don’t only love good ale, they’re also passionate about science.

“Chief Beer Geek” Allan Rice and the majority of his team studied a science subject at university, and they all share a deep curiosity and sense of adventure. This is ideal for a brewery, as coming up with new beers isn’t easy.

“The company was founded around a core tenet of science and education,” says Sam Welburn, the brewery’s “Beer Pusher”.

“Late last year we released something extra special to celebrate our 200th batch. It was called Neutron Star, after a celestial body that has collapsed under its own gravity.”

Whilst Atom Beers had been popular since opening in 2014, Neutron Star truly did rocket the brewery to star status.

“We produced 3,000 bottles, plus large amounts for kegs and cask. We knew it would do well but were astonished by the results.”

Given an incredibly bold and simplistic design of a single foil dot on a dark bottle with a wax lid, Neutron Star gathered enormous attention nationwide.


“BrewDog bought 240 bottles for their bars,” says Sam. “Plus pubs up and down the country apparently found it very easy to shift a 12.6% beer in a few days over Christmas.”

Atom Beers had another notable success when their rye IPA Phobos and Deimos (named after the two moons of Mars) was taken to the BBC Big Weekend. Their beers can also be found at annual festivals in the city, such as Humber Street Sesh, Freedom Festival, and of course the CAMRA Hull Real Ale and Cider Festival.

“Proper beer is still on the rise,” says Sam. “It’s all about quality, integrity and a bit of imagination.”

And when enjoying a pint or can from Atom Beers, you can rest assured that these qualities are core factors behind its creation:


“We educate visitors to the brewery in how it’s all made,” Sam tells us. “We’re dedicated to passing our skills on to future brewers, as well as to science students through regular visits from local schools and colleges.”

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To take part in National Beer Day, the campaign asks you to say “Cheers to Beer” out loud at 7pm. You can also share your photos and videos on social media using the hashtag #CheersToBeer.

To find out more about Atom Beers, follow their Facebook page. You could even book a tour by calling 01482 820572, or email tours@atombeers.com.

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Published: Thursday 15th June 2017 by Rich Sutherland

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