Re-gifting Day: Give that unwanted present a new home

Published: Wednesday 14th December 2016 by Rich Sutherland

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You may not have heard of Re-gifting Day but you’ll be glad you have now.

The idea is that on 15 December you re-gift (in other words, pass on an unwanted gift that you have received) to someone who will appreciate it more.

It’s the perfect chance to make someone else’s day, and declutter your home in time for Christmas.

We’ve thought up some different ways in which you can celebrate, whether you work in an office or want to help those in need.

Secret Santa with a difference

An office favourite this time of year is Secret Santa.

Everyone puts their name into a hat and draws out a coworker, who they then anonymously buy a gift for. Usually there are budgets set too, such as a minimum £5 spend or a maximum of £10. It can become expensive, especially if you’re not on the same wage as the manager who has organised it all.

This year, why not do Secret Santa with a twist? Instead of purchasing brand new prezzies, get everyone to re-gift an item to a fellow employee.

Office spares

If you’ve been given a truckload of novelty mugs, stationery or other unwanted or superfluous presents, take them into your workplace for people to use as spares.

Crockery gets accidentally smashed and pens constantly go missing, so that novelty football mug and highlighter set are suddenly in high demand.

Host a gift swap

Alternatively, to ensure everyone gets re-gifted something they actually want, host a gift swap.

Ask everyone to bring in one or several unopened and unused gifts that they don’t want. Exchange them for tokens or raffle tickets and then let people ‘shop’ for the items they do want.

Donate them to charity

Anything that remains can still be put to good use by taking it to a charity shop.

Charities will be ecstatic to receive brand new products, especially at this time of year. Plus, you’ll feel a lot better after donating that Lynx set to a worthy cause than you will giving it to Bob from Finance.

Local homeless initiatives

As well as charity shops, you can donate almost anything to homelessness organisations and centres.

Received a warm pair of slippers that don’t quite fit? Pass them on to a homeless child. Allergic to the shower gel that your Gran bought you? Donate it to a women’s centre.

Whilst you’re at it, take any old blankets, duvets and clothing that you no longer need or use. Winter is a scary time for homeless people and Christmas can be very lonely for those who have nothing.

A few local organisations that work to help those without a home are Hull Homeless Community Project, Hull HARP, SASH and Emmaus Hull. You can also donate groceries, especially non-perishables, to Hull Foodbank.

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Published: Wednesday 14th December 2016 by Rich Sutherland

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