Reservist recruitment drive in Hull

Published: Wednesday 1st October 2014 by The News Editor

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Council leaders are encouraging the people of Hull to consider volunteering as Armed Forces Reservists.

Hull City Council is working with one particular Reserve unit, the 150 Regiment Royal Logistic Corps, and has launched a ‘Be Proud – Serve’ campaign.

The authority is to work with employers in the city to increase the number of people filling Reservist roles alongside their normal working lives.

It is a part of a national initiative to bolster the ranks of Reservist units across the country.

The city of Hull has a rich history of providing personnel for the Army, RAF and Maritime Reserves, including council staff.

There are all sorts of opportunities for people who sign up as Reservists, according to Major General John Crackett, the most senior Reservist in the Armed Forces.

All who volunteer are paid to be trained and if they are called up their employers receive financial support while they are not at work, he says.

Major General Crackett also says that when the Reservists are at work, their employers benefit from the skills, qualifications, training and experience the Armed Forces gives them.

He recommends the life of a Reservist to anyone seeking a new challenge. Not only will they have extra money in their pocket and gain new skills, but they will also have new adventures and travel the world.

All those who are interested can get more information on becoming a Reservist at the recruitment trailers in Queen Victoria Square on Wednesday, October 1, ring 01482 232 324 or go to

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Published: Wednesday 1st October 2014 by The News Editor

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