Bransholme residents force Hull City Council to rethink plans on new traveller site

Published: Monday 11th January 2016 by KCFM

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Plans for a new traveller site to be built in Bransholme have been scrapped after residents opposed the idea.

They felt the locations were too close to their homes, and previous visits from travellers left huge clean-up bills after litter and damage was caused.

Hull City Council had put forward four possible sites, all based in Bransholme, but they’re now having to rethink the plans.

Ward Councillor for Kings Park, Charles Quinn, believes a traveller site is needed, but the proposed locations are wrong: “There were suggestions of the Bankside, Wincolmlee area; there’s a lot of derelict land there that could be used for it. Land off the A63 was mentioned, as it’s not very residential out there. For all I know, those sites could have been considered, but we have absolutely no information about that.

“I do support what the council is doing in trying to identify a designated stopping zone for travellers, but not in public parks or on public green spaces where a disturbance is being caused to residents of the city.”


Published: Monday 11th January 2016 by KCFM

Comments (1)
  • John E Pallister BA

    This is a problem that has been around for years, the trouble is, as the years have gone by

    we have had an increase in the number of travellers, so, a problem that could have been sorted then is out of control now. It may be time to open negotiations with the travelling community to find a spot that will mutually beneificial to everyone…..Cheers…John.

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