Rising sea levels threaten Hull

Published: Friday 29th May 2015 by The News Editor

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Hull could be wiped off the map in 100 years if nothing is done to curb rising sea levels, an expert warns.

Dr Hugh Ellis, head of policy at the Town and Country Planning Association, claims rising sea levels – which could jump by around four foot – need to be taken seriously or the consequences could be catastrophic.

He is urging local authorities to get together with the Department of Communities to work on a national plan on the crisis of climate change.

If not, cities such as Hull on the east coast of England may not exist in 100 years’ time as coastal erosion takes its toll.

The coastline has moved around 12 miles in the last 10,000 years. It is currently retreating at an average of up to two metres a year, putting hundreds of homes at risk of disappearing into the ocean.

Over 200 residential properties are predicted to slip over the cliff edges between Flamborough Head, near Bridlington, and Spurn Point, found 45 miles further south, over the course of next century.

While most people are planning for a 60cm rise in sea levels by 2100, Dr Ellis warns it could be at least 120cm.

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Published: Friday 29th May 2015 by The News Editor

Comments (1)
  • Kevin Marshall

    Uniformitarianism,go figure.

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