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Published: Saturday 26th December 2015 by The News Editor

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Whether you’re taking part in a January detox or have simply made a New Year’s resolution to eat more greens, these great food-related gadgets will help you lead a healthier lifestyle…

:: Slowly does it

Hotpoint SJ 15XL UP0 Slow Juicer, £119.99, Amazon (just launching)

Juicers provide an easy way to achieve your five-a-day and they were of course a big hit in 2015. Hotpoint’s latest model will see the trend continue. The basis of this model is that the bladeless technology and low speed motor (50rpm) will help you get more nutrients and vitamins from your juicer as the fruit and veg go through a more gentle process allowing more vitamins and nutrients to be squeezed into your drink. On top of that, there is less waste produced and Hotpoint estimate you’ll get 30% more juice from this model than others on the market.

:: The multi-purpose gadget

De’Longhi Multifry Extra Chef, £259.98, De’Longhi,

If you are unable to resist the lure of the humble chip, this device will ensure that a plateful of the potato treat won’t automatically mean you’ll be consuming your body weight in calories or fat. With this machine, you can cook up a batch of 1.7kg of chips using just 14ml of oil. The Multifry’s capabilities don’t end there. Cook up a batch of a winter warming stew or risotto, your own homemade pizza – without the additives you get in shop-bought ones – using the pan function or the air grill function.

:: Box clever

George Foreman Cream 18873 Family Grill, currently priced £33.19, Amazon,

With their tag line of ‘The Lean Mean Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine’, the George Foreman grill has proved to be an ever-present kitchen accessory since launching in 1994. If you’re yet to invest in one, you may be wondering what the hype is about. Well, not only does it cook your food swiftly, but the angled plate allows the excess fat and grease from your dishes to channel away into a drip tray. In fact, they estimate that it will reduce the fat content of some food by up to 42%. This model is great for families as it allows you to cook five portions at a time.

:: On the go

Mix & Go, £29.99, Russell Hobbs,

Another quick and easy-to-use smoothie maker, this blender will suit those who live a busy lifestyle and don’t feel they have time to sit down for breakfast. Place your ingredients in one of the two portable bottles, screw the blade unit on, turn it upside down and attach it to the motor unit. Then just press down on top of the bottle – when the machine senses pressure it’ll whirl into action, quickly making up your favourite blend. Also, you can replace the blade unit with the drink lid and go out and about!

:: Weigh it up

Terraillon’s Nutritab Scale, £79.99, Lakeland

To the naked eye this is a set of fancy kitchen scales, however, delve a little deeper and you’ll discover an assistant to help you stay on course for your healthy eating plan. The scales pair up with it’s own wellness app so that you can check the nutritional information – including fat and fibre content and the calories – of all the ingredients as you weigh them. Use the app to store the data and create different profiles. Requires three AAA batteries.

:: Homemade is best

Cuisinart Soup Maker Plus, £140, Cuisinart,

Nothing tastes quite so nourishing as a homemade soup. However, they can become quite cumbersome to make, with lots of pots, pans and a blender/food processer required. It’s enough to leave you running to the supermarket for a shop-bought one. This soup maker though will make the creative process far simpler. Cook the ingredients, add your stock, blitz it all up and keep it warm without breaking into a sweat. You’ll be in control of what goes into your soup – so no additives or preservatives unless you want them – and the hearty dish you create will leave you full up so you won’t be reaching for the snack jar.

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Published: Saturday 26th December 2015 by The News Editor

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