Small portions offer big flavour at Ambiente Tapas

Published: Tuesday 10th January 2017 by Rich Sutherland

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Ambiente Tapas is one of the Fruit Market’s stylish new eateries, serving up a taste of the Mediterranean. Located at 5 Humber Street, we visited to sample a few dishes.

The first thing you notice when entering this refurbished warehouse is that it’s bright and spacious.

With eye-catching design elements such as caged lighting, industrial vents, and elegantly designed metalwork above the kitchen, it manages to be fashionable without inhibiting a relaxed atmosphere.

We were welcomed the moment we arrived and invited to choose a seat. Opting for a booth, we enjoyed extra comfort and a little privacy, plus a good view of the chef working away in his kitchen.

Being a Monday afternoon, we decided to order from the Rapido menu, which is available 12pm-5pm Monday to Friday, with any three dishes for £10.95. This menu presents a good selection and caters for vegetarians, as well as gluten-free options.

The great thing about tapas is that it’s perfect for sharing, so we went for the following for the table:

  • Chorizo y Patatas: Caramelised chorizo and potato
  • Pescadito Frito: Crispy whitebait served with a wedge of lemon
  • Bistec de Arrachera: Dry rubbed skirt of beef served with BBQ roasted onions and chimichurri
  • Carrillada de Cerdo: Braised pig’s cheek, sliced and caramelised with glazed apple and celeriac puree
  • Paella de Mariscos y Chorizo: Seafood and chorizo paella



Each dish was full of flavour and presented with flair, but what really got our taste buds going was the paella. This really packed a punch, and we agreed that at least two portions of it will be ordered the next time we visit.

The whitebait was also delicious, with a pot of aioli (mayonnaise seasoned with garlic) going perfectly with the soft, crispy batter. As for the meat dishes, both the chorizo and the beef were tender, juicy and very tasty indeed.

The final dish was the pig’s cheek, which we both ordered. One of us isn’t a fan of fatty meats (to the extent that rind is removed from bacon), whilst the other considers the fat an essential part of the cut. However, our reviews weren’t too mixed, as it was still enjoyed by both, with a few leftover morsels being passed between plates.

Whilst each dish was appetising in itself, another strength of tapas is that it’s even better when combined. Whether it’s a mouthful of whitebait followed by potato or a little paella on top of the skirt of beef, the flavours that result can be out of this world.

Then there’s the drinks menu, presenting plenty to choose from. In fact, Ambiente Tapas specialises in sherry, with an incredible range on offer that includes the Oloros variety and cream sherry. Spanish Vermouth is also on the drinks menu, as well as cocktails, pitchers, wines, port and many spirits.

Draught ale is available too, with the fantastic Atom Beers doing the honours. This time the offering was Schrodinger’s Cat, a full-bodied, hoppy beer that we’ve tried before but didn’t realise went so well with tapas.

Overall, we very much recommend a visit to Ambiente Tapas. The bill came up to around £35 between the two of us for six plates and two rounds of drinks. We felt that this was good value for money, and plan to visit again at a busier time of day to experience a different vibe.

If you’d like to view the menus beforehand, visit However, whilst the safety of knowing what you like can be comforting, it really is worth being adventurous with at least one dish. You never know what your palate might discover as a result.

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Published: Tuesday 10th January 2017 by Rich Sutherland

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