Smokers in Hull and the East Riding urged to consider the risks of second-hand smoke

Published: Friday 2nd October 2015 by KCFM

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People in Hull and the East Riding are being urged to quit smoking this October as new laws come into force.

Smokers in Hull and the East Riding are being warned of the damaging effects caused by passive smoking.

New laws come into force in England and Wales today, aimed at stopping children being exposed to second-hand smoke in cars.

People can be fined £50 if they’re caught smoking in a vehicle with anyone who’s under-18.

Natalie Belt, service manager at Humber NHS Foundation Trust says many non-smokers are diagnosed with smoke-related diseases:

“Sometimes it’s not actually the smoker who’s the one being diagnosed, it’s the person they’re living with, or another family member, or children. Just because it hasn’t affected the person who’s actually smoking, it potentially has an impact on the people they’re living with as well.”

She says they’ve seen a rise in children taking up the habit:

“We have children who start off on e-cigarettes because they think it’s cool and fashionable. That then forms an addiction and the addiction then grows to cigarette smoking and then that will potentially stay with them for ten, fifteen, twenty years as an addiction.”

Natalie thinks smoking numbers will drop if there’s a ban in all public places:

“We see it on nights out, where people stand outside of pubs, it’s freezing cold, in the middle of winter, but just for the sake of having a cigarette. That has had an impact on peoples choice to smoke or not to smoke; Quitting rates have gone up and down due to that and it had a big impact when it first came in.”

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Published: Friday 2nd October 2015 by KCFM

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