So, what exactly is Boxing Day?

Published: Tuesday 26th December 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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Today is Boxing Day. We’ve taken a closer look at how this post-Christmas holiday has been celebrated over the centuries.

Boxing Day actually originated in this country but is now honoured in a number of places, including Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. There are several theories surrounding how the name came about. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, it has its roots in the 1830s, when postmen and servants would receive a Christmas box from their masters.

This box would usually be a present or money that would be given by an employer to their staff as an offer of thanks for their hard work. The custom is actually linked to an older tradition, where servants would observe their Christmas Day on the 26th as they would be busy serving their masters the day before.

Nowadays, Boxing Day is mainly reserved for shopping and sporting activities. Many different sports will host a number of events today, including horse racing, football and rugby. There are also a few more eclectic traditions, such as taking an icy cold dip in the English Channel!

Meanwhile, droves of bargain hunters will hit the shops today to find the best discounts on clothing, electricals and other lifestyle products.

We’ve rounded up just some things you could get up to this Boxing Day if you’re feeling a bit stuck.

Have a sort out

Now that you’ve unwrapped a few nice new things, why not have a clear out of your old junk? Making more space in your home will leave room for that fancy shampoo your aunt gifted you and you’ll feel all the more ready to tackle the new year.

Take it one step further and have a total clean up. This will especially benefit you if you had the whole family over yesterday. Get everyone up off the sofa and involved in hoovering, dusting and recycling all that wrapping paper.

Rustle up something tasty

After a day of turkey and chocolates, treat your taste buds to something a bit more flavoursome on Boxing Day. Use leftovers to fry up some delicious bubble and squeak or cook the family a spicy curry. Getting creative in the kitchen can be the ultimate boredom-buster if you’re starting to get tired of the same four tinsel-embellished walls.

Get some fresh air

On the same note, a brisk walk or cycle can be a brilliant way to refresh and get away from the hustle and bustle of your relatives. Explore a local park, visit a heritage site or even head to the beach.

Write down your New Year’s resolutions

With Christmas Day out of the way, we can now look forward to 2018. Take a moment out of your day to focus on what you want to achieve in the new year, whether it be getting fitter, starting a new business or volunteering for a charity.

Whatever you get up to today, we hope you have a fantastic time!

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Published: Tuesday 26th December 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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